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A comprehensive guide to LifeJourney’s Day of STEM programs and their relevance to established curricular standards throughout Australia’s state governments and education associations. Suitable for teachers intending on using Day of STEM programs within their classrooms.

Day of STEM Mission

Day of STEM is an educational resource designed for students in Australian secondary schools and the tertiary sector. Many primary schools and organisations have also participated in Day of STEM programs and activities.

The Day of STEM aims to work with all stakeholders to:

  • Inspire the next generation of students into the exciting and diverse array of STEM careers
  • Collaborate with schools, higher education and industry to close the STEM skills gap in Australia
  • Prepare students to be confident and work-ready for the future
  • Bring the expertise and experience of leading STEM industry professionals to guide students’ STEM education journey

The Australian Priority for STEM Careers

The Day of STEM programs link to the teaching and learning of the Australian Curriculum. Two referenced resources on the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) website are highly relevant to student studies in following careers in STEM and in all course and careers paths that are enabled by technology.

Australian Curriculum STEM

Australia’s Chief Scientist has highlighted the need for STEM qualified Australians. STEM skills in the workplace are widely recognised as being crucial to our long-term future. It is the knowledge that STEM will offer and the sensible application of that knowledge that are the means to the end: building a stronger Australia with a competitive economy. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Australia’ Future paper; Office of the Chief Scientist, 2014, page 5)

STEM education:

  • is a national priority
  • is closely linked to Australia’s productivity and economic well-being
  • is central to a well-rounded education
  • will contribute to a diverse and capable STEM workforce pipeline

ACARA’s STEM Connections project conducted with the Australian Association of Mathematics teachers, aimed at investigating a cross-disciplinary approach to the teaching of STEM disciplines via The STEM Report.

The STEM Report’s Aim 3: ‘identify explicit connections for students between classroom learning in STEM and future work and learning opportunities’ directly connects with the Day of STEM aims to assist schools to gain an insight into the exciting STEM careers available now, to close the STEM skills gap and to prepare students for the future demands of the country to boost Australia’s economic capacity.

In the qualitative findings the report states ‘Industry and community partnerships contributed to the project in two major ways: they provided expertise and guidance in a specific technical or business way; and they informed students of potential careers and the skills that employers were seeking. The partners were able to present a very broad range of careers to students; and students were able to see the nature of problem-solving involved in those careers’

National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026

The national strategy focuses on action that lifts foundational skills in STEM learning areas, develops mathematical, scientific and technological literacy, and promotes the development of the 21st century skills of problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking. It recognises the importance of a focus on STEM in the early years and maintaining this focus throughout schooling.

In particular, the National STEM School Education Strategy, Goal 4: Facilitating effective partnerships with tertiary education providers, business and industry is achieved through the Day of STEM programs by supporting schools through an online experience to see a range of careers that require STEM capabilities and are in line with current industry needs. Day of STEM empowers students and teachers to understand the critical role STEM skills play in a knowledge based economy with a particular focus on leadership in STEM.

Day of STEM and The Digital Technology Curriculum

Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies

The Day of STEM links to teaching and learning of the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies. State and territory curriculum and school authorities are responsible for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in their schools, in line with system and jurisdictional policies and requirements. They make decisions about the extent and timing of take-up and translation of the intended Australian Curriculum into the curriculum that is experienced by students.

Digital Technologies curriculum is structured differently within studies in different states and territories however the content and outcomes required are essentially the same. ACT, NT, QLD, SA, TAS and WA have implemented the Australian Curriculum as is. NSW has recently published the new Technology Curriculum inclusive of Digital Technology. The Victorian Curriculum varies in curriculum statements however outcomes are the same.

STEM skills when drawn from the current curriculum reflect the needs of modern workplaces particularly relevant to the disruptive technologies, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Social and Web. The Digital Technologies Curriculum is responsive to the STEM skills for the new wave of disruptive technologies beyond 2020, such as Artificial Intelligence, Connected Home, 3D printing, Cryptocurrencies, Mobile payments, Wearables, Genomics, Internet of Things, Robotics, Drones, Electric and connected cars, and Oculus Rift (VR). It also emphasis the combination of soft and hard work-ready skills that will prepare students to be agile in the ever increasing evolving STEM workplace.

Day of STEM Curricular Mapping

The Day of STEM program covers a diverse range of exciting careers with specialisations across innovative and emerging technologies. The table below maps Day of STEM programs to the Digital Technologies statements of learning with activities for teachers that augment the delivery in the classroom. For further information or assistance with using Day of STEM, please contact Ren­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ée Hoareau, Life Journey Director, Education and Engagement by emailing [email protected].

Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE)

The Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) is an Education Partner of the Day of STEM. Martin Levins, President ACCE - Martin spoke about these Australian Curricula: Digital Technologies statements that directly relate to the Optus Cyber Security Experience, speaking at the launch at Macquarie Park, April 2017

Victorian Curriculum Digital Technologies relevance to Day of STEM Programs

The following is an example of the links of the Victorian Curriculum Digital Technologies to Program 4: Optus Cyber Security Experience:
Victorian Curriculum Statements Year 7 – 10

Level 7 - 8

  • Digital Systems - Investigate how data are transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks (VCDTDS035)
  • Data and Information - Manage, create and communicate interactive ideas, information and projects collaboratively online, taking safety and social contexts into account (VCDTDI039)
  • Digital Solutions - Evaluate how well student-developed solutions and existing information systems meet needs, are innovative and take account of future risks and sustainability (VCDTDI044)

Level 9 - 10

  • Digital Systems - Investigate the role of hardware and software in managing, controlling and securing the movement of and access to data in networked digital systems (VCDTDS045)
  • Data and Information - Develop techniques for acquiring, storing and validating quantitative and qualitative data from a range of sources, considering privacy and security requirements (VCDTDI047)
  • Creating Digital Solutions - Evaluate critically how well student-developed solutions and existing information systems and policies take account of future risks and sustainability and provide opportunities for innovation (VCDTDI054)

Sample resource:

Day of STEM Program 1: The STEM Cup ~ Collingwood AFL or South Sydney Rabbitoh NFL

STEM careers themes - Sports Analytics, Big Data and IoT

Sarah Hogan - Data Analytics Specialist Journey Roadmap links to the Digital Technologies and STEM Curriculum


  • Statistics - Develop skills to examine basic and develop pictorial and analytical distributions - AU Curriculum mathematics
  • Technology - Develop skills in computing fundamentals,software applications and the Internet - AU Curriculum Digital Technologies

Building Competency

  • Sorting and Searching -Abstract problem and describe the solution as an algorithm - AU Curriculum Digital Technologies - Abstraction concept
  • Data Threats - A data threat is an incident where potentially sensitive data has been viewed, stolen or used by an individual who is unauthorised to do so - AU Curriculum Digital Technologies-security and privacy of data
  • Finance - Develop skills to understand the allocation of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of certainty and uncertainty - AU Curriculum-Financial literacy
  • Big Data - Learn to analyse massive amounts of data for meaningful results - AU Curriculum mathematics


Understanding Heuristics - Gain a basic understanding of heuristics and backtracking - AU Curriculum mathematics - problem solving strategies

Extra Resources:

Sports Analytics


Digital Technologies

Top Tips for running Day of STEM

Leverage Day of STEM best practices to adapt lesson plans, encourage STEM career awareness and help students link the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies with leading STEM industries and future careers.

Top Tips for Teachers

Day of STEM can be used in class to supplement the curriculum or works equally well as an extra-circular extension activity. Some ways teachers have used Day of STEM programs at their school include:

  • Enrichment programs
  • Flipped classroom
  • Career days
  • Extension maths activity
  • Homework assistance
  • Group activities

Teacher Testimonials

“I am always on the lookout for suitable activities to enhance our middle and senior student enrichment days. We have used Day of STEM programs as they bring an alternative STEM careers experience into the classroom.”

Kim Mahoney,
Careers and Tertiary Awareness Coordinator, Hills Grammar, New South Wales

“The Day of STEM platform is high quality and provides educational value. I like the STEM Resume. I can use it as a good talking point with students. The Day of STEM content connects with students and is also easy to administer.”

Matt Hall,
Head of Technology, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Victoria

For Teachers: please refer to the handy Getting Started tips page

General Tips

  • Student Mode - Teachers are highly advised to preview the Day of STEM programs before running it with their class. From the Teacher dashboard, switch to Student Mode allowing teachers to explore and experience the Day of STEM as a student.
  • Instructor Dashboard - The Instructor Dashboard is the teacher’s personal home page for planning, running, monitoring, and reporting progress of students using the Day of STEM program. Teachers can generate reports, organise and groups students, find lessons plans and explore The Journeys tab which gives additional information, videos and materials in advance of their Day of STEM class activities.
  • Use the resources on this page to plan extension activities or complete further reading. For eg. Online extension activities provided by the Academy of Computing which are designed to support schools implement the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Top Tips for Parents

There is recent research to demonstrate that parents are key in the learning and career aspirations of their child. Governments are now asking parents to understand the imperatives of pursuing STEM careers for Australia’s future economic success. This call to action extends to students to be encouraged in their early years to engage with STEM in school and later in tertiary pursuits to enable them to best prepare for the future. Our Internet connected world, the rapid advancements of technology and innovation demand governments, industry and education to rally and work together to find strategies to harness these opportunities. The Day of STEM provides a platform to start students on this journey for an exciting STEM career.

Parents working with students specifically with the Day of STEM platform:

  1. Go to the Day of STEM website. Click on the Signup button.
  2. Choose from the available Day of STEM programs - for an overview of topics please see here (link to above table).
  3. Please choose the category for parents. This is an individual login. This allows parents to work through the program as a student which will make it easier when both you and your child are accessing the program together or if you wish to preview the program beforehand.

Parents: please note there are 8 Day of STEM themes. These themes straddle different Day of STEM programs, for example, you may find a mentor whose area of expertise is in Cyber Security and will be in Australia 2020 showcasing innovation and automation in technology. The career themes include:

  • Sports analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things
  • Innovation and Technology - autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), drones
  • Women in STEM
  • Cyber Security
  • FinTech
  • Med Tech
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sustainability

General tips and resources for parents to support STEM learning


Parents can contact the Education team at Day of STEM for further information and support. Contact [email protected]

Teaching Community

Day of STEM offers the following information to Australian teachers about the opportunities, resources and education associations working to improve STEM education in Australia. Through our Education and Industry links we have built a large pool of STEM experts and passionate teachers. If you wish to join the Day of STEM Teaching Community or learn more please contact Renee at [email protected] .

Professional Learning

Throughout the year, Day of STEM offers Professional Learning via free webinars and face-to-face workshops for teachers. Professional learning sessions are co-facilitated through our education partners across Australia and advertised via our website ( here), newsletter ( sign up here ) and social media ( Facebook) and (Twitter). Topics cover a range of STEM themes including:

  • Sports Science
  • Big Data
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Girls in STEM
  • Internet of Things
  • Med Tech
  • FinTech
  • Sustainability
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Teacher
  • Cyber Challenges

For more information or to register your interest: please email Renee Hoareau at [email protected].

Become a Cyber Teacher

Cyber Teacher is a support resource designed for teachers wishing to build their knowledge about Cyber Education. Cyber Teacher is offered as part of the Optus Cyber Security Experience. Cyber Teacher has sponsorships from Macquarie University, La Trobe University and Deakin University as well as Optus. Cyber Teacher sponsorship allow teachers to undertake an online adaptive learning course, “Fundamentals of Cyber” to attain a CompTIA certification that has international industry recognition.

There are four steps to qualify as Cyber Teacher: (For more details click here)

  • Preview Optus Cyber Security Experience in Student Mode
  • Run Optus Cyber Security Experience with your Students in the Classroom
  • Take the Cyber Teacher Journey
  • Complete the ‘Fundamentals of Cyber’ online learning course (takes approximately 4 - 6 hours)

All material for teachers can be accessed anywhere, anytime and is self paced. Teachers can stop and resume each step at any point. The Fundamentals of Cyber once complete can be used as a classroom resource.

Cyber Teacher is available now for free. Click here to start.

Become a Day of STEM Champion

The Day of STEM is an exciting collaboration with schools for our industry and education partners. Teachers who have used the program with students in impactful ways and who wish to help with advocacy and professional learning can apply to be a Day of STEM Champion.

The Day of STEM Champion extends to any teacher in Australia, from any discipline; the educator can be teaching Early Childhood to tertiary, community or private learning provider. Day of STEM Champion status is open to students who wish to promote the importance and ubiquity of STEM with an aspiration to mentor peers or younger students. Why not join the Day of STEM Honour roll?

For more information or to register your interest: please email Renee Hoareau at [email protected]

Day of STEM Teacher Resources

We have partnered with a range of Education Institutions and are proud to present these resources for teachers on a range of STEM subjects.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA)ATSIMA promotes and supports improved mathematics outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across Australia.Interactive numeracies - Maths situations in everyday Indigenous family and community life including Footy trip, $20 Round off, Chrissy combo, BBQ burnout, Pack a box, Maths Most, and Checkout Challenge. The Interactive Numeracies resource is full of numeracy situations translated to the mathematics classroom. Discusses topics such as: what is numeracy, a numerate student, contextual teaching strategies around family organisation, shopping and socialising.
ACS foundationACS Foundation creates technology internships and jobs for Australian students to bridge the gap between studying and a career in ICT.

Scholarships- Work placement and university scholarships for ICT students

The Big Day In- National ICT Careers Conference - designed by students for students
Australian Computer Society (ACS)ACS run information courses and accreditation for ICT and Cyber Security professionals.The ACS website includes a Digital Library with videos on many ICT topics suitable for classroom use and a handy guide: Cybersecurity: Threats, Challenges, Opportunities.
Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE)ACCE is the national professional body for those involved in ICT in education.ACCE have a great collection of Digital Technologies Resources for ICT teachers on their website. They publish the Australian Educational Computing magazine, run biennial conferences and the ICT Educator awards.
Engineers AustraliaEngineers Australia are the peak body representing Engineering professionals and students across Australia. They are focused on providing high-school students with the tools, pathways and inspiration to pursue a career in Engineering.

EngQuest is free, easy to use, hands-on STEM projects designed to encourage problem solving in Primary School students. Teachers register online and can be sent the EngQuest curriculum and Education Pack. Engineering projects cover a range of topics including solar cookers, water wheels and humanitarian engineering. Every project includes easy to read instructions, background information (for teachers and students) and lesson ideas with activity sheets.There are projects and resources suitable for lower primary, primary and middle years students.

F1 in Schools is an exciting and dynamic challenge for students that involves building and racing miniature cars. This fantastic event gives students from primary school right through to university level the chance to experience many of the fundamentals of engineering including teamwork, design and planning, manufacturing and testing.
The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering - STELRThe Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to the promotion of scientific and engineering knowledge through project-based learning within schools.STELR has ready-to-use STEM resources that are hands-on, inquiry-based, and in-curriculum. They are designed to show students that science and maths are relevant to their lives. STELR also provides career profiles which highlight the study pathways necessary for jobs in STEM - related industries. Resources include: Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Electricity & Energy, Sustainable Housing, Solar Car Challenge, Chemistry and Climate Change, and Earth, Moon & Sun.
The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT)AAMT is the nation’s premier organisation of mathematics educators. It aims to: support and enhance the work of teachers; promote the learning of mathematics; and represent and promote interests in mathematics education.AAMT provides free STEM resources for teachers such as Maths Inside, which examines the mathematics used by scientists in a variety of settings and ReSolve, a set of ‘Maths by Inquiry’ teacher resources for Years 5-8, developed by the Australian Academy of Science in partnership with AAMT. Also Dimensions, a professional learning website for teachers.
The Design and Technology Teachers' Association of Australia (DATTA Aus)DATTA Aus is the peak organisation representing the Design and Technology learning area educators. They are comprised of individual state and territory associations who exist to promote and improve the quality of Design & Technology education provided in Australia.DATTA Aus runs an annual Design and Technology Week. Check out their previous years resources here. Each State has a very active DATTA group. Check out their individual State pages for more information and event schedules.

Digital Technology Support and Resources

The Australian Academy of Computing

The Australian Academy of Computing supports schools in the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum. Unpacking The Digital Technologies Curriculum The Digital Technologies curriculum has been designed around ten key concepts. The DT Challenges and PD workshops focus on understanding these deep ideas in computing. While the vocabulary is new, many of these concepts are ideas and processes that teachers will already be teaching in other learning areas.

Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER)

The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER) promotes research and scholarship both in the field of Computer Science Education and the application of Computer Science to improve learning and teaching. Research within the group includes projects that explore Active Learning Pedagogy, K-12 Digital Technologies Education, Computer Science Education Pedagogy, Computer Science Analytics, and Software Engineering Education

CSER Digital Technologies Education

Digital Technologies Education Professional Learning, weblinks, PL in a Box Resource

Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub provides learning resources and services for teachers, students, school leaders and parents. It aims to support the implementation of quality Digital Technologies programs and curriculum in schools and to support after school activities. The Hub also leverages events and activities offered by education jurisdictions, industry and other providers. The Hub aims to be a dynamic space, hosting new content as it is developed and creating resources to support the Australia Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Digital Technologies Hub Teacher Resources

Day of STEM Education Advisory Board

The Day of STEM – Education Advisory Board improves and accelerates the effectiveness of the Day of STEM program in Australia and is comprised of a cross-section of the teachers, education leaders, and facilitators of STEM programs across Australia.

The Education Advisory Board meets quarterly to review and feedback on the Day of STEM programs with a specific lens on curriculum, subject-matter relevance and specific state and local contexts. If you’re a teacher or STEM proponent interested in joining the Day of STEM – Education Advisory Board, please send an email to Renee Hoareau at [email protected].

Lisa Paul AO PSM
Former Federal Secretary of Education, Director
Chair, Day of STEM – Education Advisory Board
Renee Hoareau
Director, Education & Engagement,
LifeJourney International
Education Director
Annabel Astbury
Head of Digital Education, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Education Advisor
Soula Bennett
President, Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria (STAV); Director, Quantum Victoria Science Education Advisor,
ICT Industry Advisor
Donna Buckley
Mathematics Teacher, John Curtin College of
the Arts (Western Australia) Day of STEM champion,
Teacher Education Advisor
Paula Christophersen
Former Digital Technologies Curriculum Manager Foundation to Year 12 – VCAA, Writer Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and IT Education Specialist
Australian Digital Curriculum Advisor
Matt Hall
Head of Technology, Mount Waverley Secondary College (Victoria) Day of STEM champion,
Teacher Education Advisor
Martin Levins
President, Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE)
ICT Education Advisor
Kim Mahoney
Careers and Tertiary Awareness Coordinator,
The Hills Grammar School, NSW Careers Advisor,
Day of STEM champion, Teacher Education Advisor
Dr. Caty Morris
Executive Officer, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA); Senior Project Officer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, ACARA
Indigenous Education Advisor
Peter Pentland
Executive Manager Schools Program & Education Program Manager Academy Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE-STELR) Science and Engineering Education Advisor
Michelle Price
Chief Operations Officer, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network
Cyber Security Industry Advisor
Katrina Reynen
Managing Director, Skyline Education
Foundation Education Advisor
Rachael Whitney-Smith
Professional Officer, Western Australian Mathematics Association (MAWA); Implementation Officer – Tempest Project (AAMT) Maths Education Advisor

Tertiary Providers and STEM Careers

LifeJourney works with tertiary providers: Australian Universities, TAFEs, local employment networks and community education to inform and inspire learners of the opportunities in following a career in STEM. Schools, industry, education and training providers collaborate to support the Australian economy and by driving innovation and technology locally and globally.

In 2017, LifeJourney began partnering with higher education in an effort to raise awareness of the learning pathways into exciting STEM careers. The Day of STEM offers a continuum (roadmap of a career journey) that gives students awareness of the STEM careers available today, an insight into the knowledge and competency skills needed and ways to apply STEM skills in the modern day workplace.

LifeJourney partners with these Cyber Universities which have a focus on cyber security and endorse the Cyber Teacher program. They also provide cyber teacher professional learning and student events throughout the year.

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