Important Note for Teachers:

You should preview the Day of STEM before running it with your class. You can easily do this from your dashboard by switching to Student Mode using the menu item beneath your login name at the top-right corner of your dashboard.

Getting Started in the Classroom

  • There are 3 simple steps for successfully running the Day of STEM experience.
  • Start by getting your students excited about the activity! Ask what they want to be doing when they graduate. Explain how STEM touches everything and impacts almost every business sector. Share the jobs reports on opportunities in STEM related fields.
  • Ideally, each student will use their own computer, navigate through the Day of STEM journeys, select their favourite mentors, and watch/listen to exciting videos of those mentors telling their stories. If you don't have enough computers, try pairing students up.
  • If you have problems with computers or network, try showing the videos at the front of the class and go through the experience together as a class. Be creative!
  • Each student should individually log in to the LifeJourney platform and register using the Student Registration Key located on your dashboard. Click the small icon next to the Student Registration Key on your dashboard to show the login URL and key in a convenient pop-up window.
  • Students then begin a 45-minute, self-run and self-paced online experience guided by the industry-expert mentors. When complete, students are able to continue onward to download their STEM Resume, and then earn their Day of STEM Certificate by exploring additional mentor journeys, and running an exciting STEM challenge.

Planning Your Technology Needs

  • Classroom time allocation for the Day of STEM introductory session is approximately 45 minutes. When complete, additional (optional) activities are present in the student dashboards to allow further exploration of mentor journeys and STEM challenges, as directed by the instructor.
  • Make sure you have good Internet access, as you will need that to access Day of STEM content, particularly the videos and STEM exercises. See this document to check the computers and network.
  • Compatible browsers should be installed on your computer. Google Chrome is preferred, but the latest versions of Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are also appropriate. (Internet Explorer 8 or 9 will not work.)
  • Students should use headphones to best experience the exciting audio/video material presented on the Day of STEM platform.

Instructor's Dashboard

  • The Instructor Dashboard is your personal home page for planning, running, monitoring, and reporting progress of students in your class or program.
  • When it comes time for you to run the Day of STEM in your classroom, just copy the Student Registration Key (see area #1 in the image below) and provide it to your students when they log in to register at (Click the small icon next to the Student Registration Key to show the login URL and key in a convenient pop-up window.)
  • You may generate reports that reflect the number of participating students, their demographic breakdown, the top selected Mentor, and other important metrics.
  • Students may be monitored, grouped, organized and reported in the My Students tab.
  • Numerous lessons plans are located in the Class Materials tab, providing helpful recommendations for use in facilitating classroom discussion, lab exercises, and homework on relevant STEM topics.
  • The Journeys tab allows you view all journeys and materials in advance of your Day of STEM class activities.

Running the Day of STEM

The Day of STEM is a self-run and self-paced online experience guided by industry-expert mentors. Student involvement is in two "parts":

  • Part 1 is typically conducted in the classroom and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Students will explore the journeys (careers) of three Day of STEM mentors and download their STEM Resume.
  • Part 2 involves the continuation of the student's experience from their dashboard as homework or as ongoing activities in the classroom. When activities are complete students will be able to download a certificate, along with their STEM Resume, a significant indication of achievement and a tool for ongoing use with them in the classroom.

You should preview the Day of STEM before running it with your class. Just switch to Student Mode using the menu showing your name at the top-right corner of your dashboard. This will allow you to run the experience just as your students will be doing. You will find an Explanations tab on each screen that provides helpful information about the concepts being presented.


Your Instructor Dashboard enables you to easily produce reports of participating students, demographic breakdowns, top selected Day of STEM mentors, and additional useful metrics. Tabs for generating, displaying and printing these reports are located at the bottom of your dashboard. Here is an example report